29 September 2009

Boycott, anyone?

Does anyone remember back a couple of years ago when the media -- and by "media" I mean gossipy media that starts to even creep into the regular media -- offered people an option to boycott Heidi & Spencer because they were EVERYWHERE and no one really liked them or understood why... and SO MANY people voted to have a "Speidi-free" online media area for a couple of weeks that their stranglehold on my ears was finally lessened? It was glorious!
So, I really wish they would do that with Jon and Kate Gosselin. Who cares about them? I mean, obviously their families care about them, and I think it is really sad that they are going through this awful divorce and everything, but can you just please step out of the media already? I just read that TLC announced they're changing the show to "Kate plus 8" and it had a survey that asked if we would watch the show. The choices were, "Yes, go Kate!" and "No, Jon needs to be part of the show." Where is the option that says, "No, they should not have a show at all?" I just can't handle them and their petty divorce; I even think they are worse than the Hills clan, because at least it's relatively obvious that the Hills is not reality, and they are all consenting adults who just want to find fame. I try to ignore Jon and Kate. I refuse to watch anything they are being mentioned/interviewed on, I won't read any articles about them, I won't buy a magazine with them featured on the cover. But it doesn't seem to be enough, because they are everywhere. So, let's just all agree to not discuss them and treat them like the child throwing a tantrum: ignore them and let them work it out on their own, get it out of their system.
Is anyone with me?

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