15 February 2010

Weekend wrap-up

Well, it was quite an eventful weekend: 
Lincoln's Birthday, the anniversary of my engagement, Valentine's Day, and President's Day. 
So many opportunities for celebration! 
What I did:


That's right. I went to the movies on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

None of the movies were earth-shattering:

Valentine's Day was exactly what it looked like it would be: something that wanted to be just like Love Actually but fell a bit short of the mark.  It was alright, and fluffy fun, but I wasn't expecting anything special out of it.  

Percy Jackson was, well, definitely a disappointment. I wonder if it would've been less disappointing if I hadn't read the book. This actually got a whole post for itself though, right here.

Wolfman was gory, and all of the actors did a fine job. Benicio Del Toro always looks like he's sleep-deprived (and I mean always, not just in this movie), Anthony Hopkins is spot-on as a creepy patriach, and Emily Blunt seems like she fits so well in this time period.

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